My name is Karin Hess Roelofs, Age 49 and founder of Salú Vida Curaçao.

Salú Vida is a practice for orthomolecular therapy & lifestyle coaching. You can also visit Salú Vida for yoga & meditation lessons, (energy- & sports-) massages or a wonderful Reiki treatment.

Orthomolecular therapy is aimed at optimizing the self-healing capacity, initially through nutritional and lifestyle advice and supplementing the diet.

As a qualified orthomolecular therapist, I will examine you for the causes of your symptoms instead of just looking / and treating the symptoms and not looking for the root cause.

As a self-experienced expert in this matter, I focus primarily on people with chronic conditions/illnesses and, unfortunately, nowadays occur in all age groups. Children with allergies and eczema, young people with insulin resistance & type 2 diabetes. Men and women around the age of 40 who (like me) have been diagnosed with conditions such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis & chronic fatigue syndrome CFS.

My mission is to help you too,
to find your way to a
“Salú Vida”!