Energetic massage

Energetic massage

The chakra synchronization technique is a manual treatment technique that aims to “restore” the energetic balance on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

The energetic massage is a technique in which chakra, polarities and magnetization are combined.

Every person has a physical body, a chakra system and a human energy field  (called “aura”). These three elements are connected to each other and constantly work in and through each other. This means that physical (“physical”) processes take place synchronously in the aura and that processes that take place on an energetic level in the aura also (can) be expressed in the body.

The “chakra system” is in fact an extrasensory information system that functions on the border between body and aura. With this system every person consciously or unconsciously exchanges information and energy with his / her (immediate) environment. This constant exchange of energy can lead to “pollution” and imbalance, which can lead to energy problems and make people feel ‘uncomfortable’ or even get sick.

The “polarity technique” is based on the idea that our bodies, like the earth, have poles that are charged. The top of our body is “positively” charged and our feet have a “negative” charge. By directing the polarity energy along the meridians, I connect the poles with each other and the Qi (Chi, Prana) can flow freely. I do this by putting my hands on different reflex points of the body. This allows the energy between the blocked areas to regain balance.

“Magnetizing” is a form of energetic therapy in which energy is transferred from one person to another through the position of hands. Removing those blockages by restraining hands and restoring the energy flow can lead to balance and even health recovery. This life energy is called “prana” in Indian Vedic medicine and “Chi” in Chinese medicine.

With an energetic treatment you can keep your clothes on.