This retreat is designed for people with little time, yet need time out to unplug, be pampered, let go of stress, in order to be renewed and rejuvenated to live their best life!

This retreat offers an opportunity to step out of the raging river of your life and spend time with yourself, in the tranquility and stunning nature all around.
You can allow your stress to melt off you and bring great peace and inner balance to your body, your mind and your life

Escape your daily obligations
see what happens!

Check in 14.00-15.00 pm
15.30-17.00 Introduction, group talk & intention
19.00-20.30 Dinner
20.45-21.15 Meditation/yoga nidra

6.15-7.15 Yoga & Meditation
7.30-8.15 Breakfast
8.30-9.30 Journaling
10.00-12.00 Fuctional Fluency & matsession
12.15-13.30 Lunch
13.45-14.45 Meditation/yoga
15.00-17.00 Empowerment talk & exercise
17.00-19.00 Self time
19.15 Dinner made by Jan Evertsen

6.15-7.15 Yoga& meditation
7.30-8.15 Breakfast
8.30-9.30 Mantra’s
9.30-10.00 Room check out
10.00-12.00 Mirrorwork, affirmations
12.15-13.30 Lunch
13.45-14.45 Meditation& yoga
15.00-17.00 Group session & pool time, goodbye’s

What can you expect at this me time retreat?

  • Have every minute of this retreat be dedicated to you
  • The staff is available to you 24/7 to help you get the most out of your retreat
  • See anxiety and stress dissolve away quickly
  • Have time to relax and regenerate your over-taxed nervous system.
  • Receive coaching to identify stress and stressors and discover what you can do to shift them and your reaction to them
  • Learn valuable tools for removing and managing the stress in your life
  • Immerse yourself in meditation and/or yoga practice
  • Learn ways to leave your worries behind
  • Be inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Have time to be in nature and enjoy this beautiful unspoiled nature retreat
  • Take stock of your life
  • Gain clarity on the direction of your life
  • Eat delicious home-cooked meals made from fresh local produce and non-alcoholic juices
  • Unplug from phone and social ties

About us

Karin Hess is an orthomolecular therapist and yoga teacher. Seduced by Curacao in 2018 and now living her dream on our beautiful Island.
Self-made entrepreneur, she experienced firsthand how to heal herself and to transform her lifestyle for the better. She is now dedicated to bringing her knowledge to humanity.
Values: energetic, enthusiastic, dynamic.

Kamla de Haas is a certified holistic life coach, TIFF provider and a lifelong learner. She works with brave people all around the world who are open and willing to transform their lives for the better. Her expertise and passion lie with helping people to find their truth, speak their truth in the most effective way possible.
Values: honesty, joy, resilience.

About Mondi Lodge

An unique eco-friendly lodge where personal touch is key. Where you easily can escape everyday life in the tropical environment, with a small swimming pool surrounded by an intimate garden with fresh fruit and flowers. The minute you enter the resort serene atmosphere will embrace you, and immediately makes you feel home.