Who needs it?

Supplementation advice…. For whom?

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, (proteins and healthy fats) are essential for maintaining good health and the prevention of (chronic) Western prosperity diseases. Almost all our micronutrients cannot be produced by the body itself and should therefore be taken through the diet.

With varied, organic fresh food you are already on the way but for many people and target groups there may eventually be shortages.

Some examples of the target groups are:

  • Babies deficiency of vitamin D and K
  • Young children deficiency of vitamin D
  • Women who want to get pregnant, vitamin D, B12 and Folic acid
  • Elderly, high-quality multivitamin and extra vitamin to D (fall prevention)
  • People with dark or tinted skin or people who are always living inside, vitamin D
  • Vegetarians and people who do not use animal products vitamin B12
  • Smokers need higher vitamin C (antioxidants)

But also:

  • Athletes need higher intake of protein, pre workout, recovery
  • People with (chronic/auto immune) disease, often deficiency of magnesium, vitamin-D

For anyone who wants to work preventively with his health and seeks a good basis.

My mission is to help you,
find your way,
to a “Salú Vida”.!